New Florida law requires many condos to have a website.

But don't worry. I've got you covered...  I specialize in Condo & HOA websites !    House Bill 1237 requires condos comprised of 150 units or more to  obtain and maintain a website. Certain rules are effective immediately  however new websites must follow certain guidelines and be completed by July 1, 2018. 

Don't be caught unprepared. Learn more here.


Local, Human Assistance

National  companies like Go Daddy and Constant Contact provide excellent products for DIY websites and online marketing but they use busy call centers  and self-help support pages for customer service.   

If  you don't have time for that, I can help. 

My customers reach me directly
by telephone or email.
Shop local. It's good for the Treasure Coast!

Geared for what you need

I  can set-up and run simple or full-featured sites for you, stand-alone  or inter-connected sites, Ecommerce sites and sites cross-posting  across social media.  Boost your business with on-line ads, custom website content or email marketing programs and Facebook ad campaigns. 

Low cost, No hassle

My nitch is in using the popular drag-and-drop programs you see advertised on TV every day. You could do it yourself, but why take the time? 

Select the host you want and I will set up your website for you.  I  quote a flat fee based on the parameters of the site you have  envisioned. You may also contract me for on-going updates or business  marketing support on a monthly basis.

Business Marketing

Allow me to assist you in promoting your business.  Services include photography, graphic design and copy writing. Useable online or in print.

Condo & HOA Websites

Florida condo and HOA websites

Accomplish the purpose of your website with professional style and functionality. I provide detailed written proposals delivered fast.


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